FREE PRINT “Fire Drill”

I love being able to offer this print for free, the painting is called ‘Fire Drill’. It’s one of my favourites.

To download it right click on the image and then click save.


If you are interested in seeing the painting in the flesh it’s part of my exhibition at the end of this month at No Vacancy Gallery. Click Here for details and invite.

It’s easy, this is yours to print, and if you want to get it signed simply get it printed out and arrange to bring it to me. If you want me to recommend a great printer just drop me a line.

Feel free to add or subtract from it, just no commercial uses please… It’s under creative commons which you can check out below.

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Denis Napthine… Well I already painted his portrait…

Ted Baillieu
Denis Napthine, Charity Portrait

So I’m not known for my portraits of politicians, but I finished this portrait last year for a fundraiser for ArtLink, helping students with special needs continue to have the chance to make art…It’s still available for sale…

When I did the portrait of Denis Napthine, Ted Baillieu was still in power for the Liberals in Victoria. I asked Denis for one word that would describe him to all.


Was his answer. It seems he was and is. Pre – Emptive?