It took { — } years to make…

An interesting point to note in the making of art work. Is that no matter what sort of art, big small. Colourful, dull or dreary. No matter how much it cost, to make or to buy. No matter how many sketches or plans or photos or failed layers of paint.

How long did it take you to make that?

Well the only ever good response I ever heard to that was from Pauline, my curator, she pointed out very swiftly. ‘If anyone ever asks you that you reply. How old are you again Harley? Right then that’s how long it took you to make it’.

And she has a very good point, it was not just the brushstrokes that make each painting, the layers of medium and pigment. It is every moment that has gone into these little moments. And it terms of life – that’s the whole lot.

The latest paintings took 28 years to make. Not a bad innings, pretty cheap too considering how long it took to paint them šŸ˜‰ Of which there are more to come soon…

Here is a photographer who – surprisingly – puts in as much work as I do to make a single final piece. Respect.

Meet Sam Abel.

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